Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The totally possible... err, highly probable story of Redding's first curse word

It should be on the record, that although I have the mouth of a sailor around adults, 'Good Golly!' 'Holy Guacamole' and 'Cheese and crackers got all muddy' are phrases you'll hear in my home many times a day.  However, to anyone who doesn't know me, I also happen to be the clumsiest person ...probably in the world (I'd be willing to place quite a bit of money on that, actually).  So every time I break a glass, drop my food, drive onto a curb, is is more than likely my children will hear an 'oh shit!'

So, I'm not so sure why I was so surprised to hear my two year old yell it for the first time the other day.  Perhaps because it wasn't to me, I was in the next room.  Perhaps it was because it was yelled to my most loving, but incredibly conservative parents over FaceTime (yes the same ones that raised me  believing 'butt' and 'crap' were bad words and not to be used).
While changing the baby's diaper in the next room, I listened to Redding bouncing around his bedroom yelling 'Bonkers! Bonkers!' My parents all the while watching very lovingly from the computer screen.  That's when I heard the loud bang followed by the sweetest little voice exclaiming 'OH SHIT!'  There is complete silence, for an awkward amount of time, which is how I know Redding was in fact testing out this phrase.  He was waiting for a response.
'Oh sit? You want to sit down now'? My mom.
I snort in the next room, trying to keep my laughing quiet.  Now there is an experienced parent. What a great response!  I mean, it really did sound like he was saying 'oh sit' ... and perhaps after dropping the toy, he really did just want to sit down?  How are we to know the mind of a two year old  really ... ?

on second thought, I'm pretty sure it was just 'sit' ... because I mean, look at that precious face!
love, andrea

If you also think I am probably the best parent in the world, take the two seconds to click and vote for this blog below!  ... No, ok, totally kidding.  We are watching 'Thomas the train' for the second time today, because the baby is running a fever from teething and I can't seem to get her to take a nap.  I'm still in my pajamas and no one has brushed their teeth in a week (kidding again, but it's definitely not been today).  But, everyone has been fed twice and gotten many (many) kisses and not cursed, so I look at today as a successful parenting day! 
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Monday, July 28, 2014

A White and Gold diy Birthday

For my girlfriend Julia's birthday I wanted to create something classy, but still fun. My palette is normally very vibrant and colorful, but for this birthday dinner, it needed to be simple and elegant.  We had the surprise dinner at Justine's Brasserie, and I was really striving to have the decorations match the ambiance of the restaurant.
The bottles were my idea to make our birthday banner free-standing on the table.  I didn't know where we'd be seated and didn't want to bother our waitress on a busy friday night with hanging a sign (if I can just toot my horn for a moment, I really impressed myself with this idea! I thought it was quite clever!) :)

I've seen so many beautifully decorated balloons on pinterest, I thought it'd be easy to try myself.  This is what I learned: 1. Get the nice kind of balloons 2. Get them filled as full as possible 3. Don't use elmers glue 4. keep the decorating to a minimum 

A little over two years ago I was taking my two month old baby on a walk throughout my neighborhood, when I ran into an adorable mama walking her daughter who was just a few weeks older than mine.  We talked briefly and exchanged phone numbers.  A few weeks later I made that (very difficult) first call and invited her over.  
Friendship takes time, it doesn't happen overnight.  But slowly over the last two years, while pushing swings at the park, walking around the lake, late night glasses of wine, early morning cups of coffee, laughing (and crying) over mothering mistakes, this mama has become one of my dearest friends.  
I felt so privileged to help throw her a little surprise party.
love, andrea

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Portraits and the story of my Bike, my Dog and my Camera

Photos taken by Carrie Meghan Photography

I remember many years ago I made a silent wish for three things: a dog, a bicycle and a nice camera.  I thought if I could just have these three things I would be happy.  A couple years, and many bumps and bruises later I was able to sell my car and buy a bicycle and a canon rebel (which was plenty nice for me) and I adopted my dog from the animal shelter.   It wasn't immediately after acquiring the three things, but some time afterwords I looked at my life, I was so happy! I realized I had gotten all I wanted and It actually worked. I was incredibly fulfilled in life.
When telling someone this, I remember being looked at and judged.  Because how superficial of me! That these three things could bring so much happiness to my life.  But you see, it wasn't so much about them as much as it was what they represented.  When I had made that wish I was living in a very controlled environment.  I was limited not just financially, but also in the amount of affection and love I was getting.   I was definitely not in an environment that cultivated any creativity or artistic projects.
I didn't have the wherewithal to see it then, but now looking back I can.  I needed the dog for companionship, affection and nonjudgmental love.  I needed the bicycle for the strength to move on my own, for freedom from anyone or thing that was holding me down.  The camera was not only for artistic expression, but also for honesty.  To be able to see the world around me for what it is and capture the beauty in that.

Many years have passed since this time, I no longer need the bike for freedom, the camera for artistic expression or the dog for affection, but I get that from all of them and treasure them all.

Last night while reading Redding to sleep, I looked down at my beautiful son, his adorable bedroom and the new tattoo on my forearm and realized that once again, wishes I had made for my life have come true.  I have this beautiful family and in moments that I remember to stop being stressed about the little things and appreciate the love we have for each other, can make me overflow with joy and love.  I have a home, that although is still a work in progress, it's my home, we've pieced together our belongings and created a space to be comfortable in, to be honest in and that cultivates artistic endeavors.  Perhaps it's silly and superficial to throw the new tattoo in this category.  But, I think to me it means self expression.  Finally being comfortable enough in my own skin to do and be who I want.  To throw off any shackles of preconceived notions of who I was supposed to be in life.

 I'm sure many years from now I will be able to look back at my little happinesses now with a more knowing eye. But for now I am just enjoying living this sweet little life of mine.
love, andrea

p.s. please note: both my children have been napping for 45 minutes. that much solitude would give any mother a more positive look on her life ;) so be at peace if you don't feel this way about yours, most days I don't either. <3

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Round top Tx Rustic Home tour

Last week my generous parents rented a house so that all of their children and grandchildren could escape the rest of the world and spend some time together.  If you follow my instagram perhaps you've already seen some of the rustic home pictures (as well as some fabulous photos playing in the pool in the backyard!)
The home was in Round top Texas, home of the (HUGE) Round top Antique show that happens twice a year, which I will boast that I've gone to almost every one in the last 15 years.  I assume most of the time this house is rented out it's for that event, however we sure did enjoy it this summer.   Although vacations don't need much help being fabulous, it sure does help to be vacationing somewhere absolutely adorable, doesn't it?  

love love love, andrea
p.s. if you're interested in renting this home, it's called the 'Bo Buff Bradley' home in Roundtop Tx

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